Thursday, 19 June 2014


Ladies & Gentleman.... to announce maybank treat fair is coming back..lets join n grab the chance to win lots of prizes...Mari bang2 kak pakat meramai kan fair ini .. which will be hela at Midvalley exchibition center..

 aktiviti sepanjang hari di fair tu.. ade artis yg memeriahkan majllis...

sasaper yg dtg boleh la berselfie engan backdrop MAYBANK tu pastu upload kat instgram..nnti boleh menang hadiah lg...

 So mari la meramai kan ummah disana...untuk detail please surf Maybank Treat Fair ni.. k...

Thursday, 5 June 2014

My creative fund

Ini hebahan untuk usahawan. ...baru je dgr dri Tv. ...ade peluang pnjaman kepada mereka yang nak buat pelaburan dlm bidang fesyen ke...atau ape2 creative sector ke ape ke...tapi pd yg berminat kenala htr application uoll sebelum 27hb Julai 2014. ..

Fund ni dh lame. ..even dato rosyam noor pernah trima fund drpd usaha my creative fund ni...   yerla fund ni dh  launched on 28th may 2012 by our PM..

 even mycreative fund ni ade dihebahkan dlm laman MCMC . Untuk detail uoll bole melayari laman sesawang mycreative fund.

Ok la sekian untuk hehan mlm ni....wasalamu. ...

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Invitation of Young Scientist Session in URAI 2014

URAI 2014 is seeking for the young scientists who can present their achievements and on-going studies, short- and long-term research goals. Detail can read below...

URAI 2014 is preparing a special session where young scientists present their on-going studies, research achievements and their life-time research plan. This session could be great opportunities for the young scientists and audiences who want to see the state-of-the-art technologies and prospective next-generation to be leaders in robotics society.

"Young Scientists" mean the scientists who are in the transient status between PhD student and a new faculty members. Those people are spending lots of time to expose themselves to robotics society and to build their networks and careers with their brilliant research results during PhD, post-docs, and early stage careers as new faculty members. At the same time, participants in URAI 2014 expect to see the early stage researchers in robotics society.

URAI 2014 is seeking for the young scientists who can present their achievements and on-going studies, short- and long-term research goals. The presentation style is different from a talk in a conference regular session. It is more like a short version of key-note speech. The prospective young scientists in early stage of career are strongly encouraged to apply the session. Please fill in the attached document format (Click here!) including abstract less than 2 pages and CV and submit it by June 15, 2014 via the URAI 2014 Secretariat email at Also, the young scientists can be recommended any members in robotics society through a brief recommendation email to URAI 2014, then, we will seriously search and contact them.

In order for the successful young scientist session, the following is the minimum requirements:

- PhD degree in robotics and related areas;
- early stage of careers, post-docs and faculty members less than 3 years; - talk abstract including talk subjects, short bio, research achievements, representative publications as noted in the attached document format less than 2 pages.
- Registration of URAI2014

For the young scientist, we are preparing benefits including the followings.
- Young Scientist Awards from KROS
- Free KROS membership for 1 year

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the URAI 2014 Secretariat at